JAWS Agility

(Jumping & Agility Westcountry Squad)

Dog Agility in DevonWe encourage handlers and dogs to reach their full potential with positive training methods. We encourage you to have fun and enjoy training your dog to build a great relationship and grow confidence.

Dog Training in DevonWe are based in Woolsery near Bideford, Devon and are open to all breeds of dogs. Our course structure caters for dogs starting their first training classes, to those learning the agility obstacles through to those competing in agility competition. Anyone that owns a dog can come along and take part in agility.

We start training dogs from 12 months and the handlers should be aged over 12 years as they need to be in control of a dog that will be working off the lead and need to understand how to be responsible. There is no upper age limit for handlers.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy agility. We can alter the equipment so the smallest of dogs can hop over a pole on the floor and we take time to make sure that all size dogs grow in confidence when tackling the equipment.

If your dog is a little bit out of shape or is carrying an injury we may ask you to get a vet check before allowing your dog to take part. Your dog must be of good temperament and respond well to basic commands.

The beginner course lays down the foundation for agility training with your dog, the exercises that we do work on relationship building, focus work, targeting and control. These skills that you will learn in the beginner course are vital for good agility training.

Come and join us at JAWS to:-

  • - Meet people who also have an interest in dogs -
  • - Be active and learn new dog training skills -
  • - Have fun in a friendly and safe environment -

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